Paul Bernhard is a German graphic designer (based in Paris) working with printed and digital matter. Primarily invested in designing and developing custom structures for online usage*—as well as the collaborative process of editing content and making printed formats such as books or records.

Occasional typographer, lecturer and writer + contributor of the platform SWRS.

For typefaces and other tools, see SWRS Git.
For lectures, see here.
For woodwork, see here.

* The term "full stack developer" could be elaborative to the approach in this investment, meaning, that a full stack developer is a kind of thorough engineer or carpenter—a tool-maker who can tackle projects that involve all aspects; including "front-end" appearance and interface as well as "back-end" architecture and editing, including working with clients during the planning phase of projects.

For information in Français or Deutsch, please contact me.

Recent projects are: